kundalini yoga hoheluft / satya singh

when i came to hamburg last year so many magical things happend in my life.. maybe it´s true that when you start something new you see the world with different eyes.. but i still think there is a difference between watching and feeling..especially this precious feeling: trust ! it´s your intuition, your heart and your trust that guides you..
so i followed, no doubt that i would find the way and the way would find me.. i realized i was already on my way when i saw the date on a flyer for this kundalini yoga practice with satya singh.. all my favourite numbers collected in this date.. i was touched deeply and knew i had to go there..
what happened to me when i started kundalini yoga? i loved it to close my eyes and have time for myself – it was not about looking fantastic, not about talking, not about thinking.. entering this room ment entering a totally new energy..

i visited the 3HO Yogafestival in France this summer and it won´t be for the last time.. it is amazing what happens to your body and soul during meditation and yoga workouts..

this is satya singh´s contact and website

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