Caius Leander La Spina

..sometimes, words are not neccessary, and life tells a story itself…sometimes things happen, and we call it wonder or magic or something like this..
last year in july 2011, my mum, my son and me went to ikea.. not an unusual action, actually..
we did not want to cross the upper floor actually, as we did not need stuff for the kitchen..we went there, though..
almost 20 meters away, i saw a daddy carrying his child in his arms, the mum very close to them. there was a bright warm light
around them, it seemed like this whole floor was filled with the love for this child..

Caius Leander La Spina

The closer we got we saw that this little boy is special, the love of his parents is special, and nothing felt strange when our ways crossed.
Caius daddy just smiled at us and we started to talk, it felt like old friends are meeting at this ikea place..
Caius just had been to a hospital in Berlin with his parents, this little boy at an age of 2 years..! Giuseppe, Caius daddy, told us the whole story
about Caius, that he had no expectation to live when he was born. Seeing this little man, in the arms of his daddy.. it was so clear that he did choose
his parents, i was allowed to hold Caius in my arms- i will never forget this moment.

we were standing there and some minutes later, 4 of us cried but we did not suffer in this tears.. it just felt like it was clear that we had to meet each other,
excactly at this place, excactly at this moment..and we were all grateful for sharing this intense feeling of an encounter of that special kind.
two weeks later, me and my assistant nejla decided to go and visit Caius in Lohne, where they come from. The best and sweetest breakfast ever was awaiting
us, and we also got to know Caius sweet sister and his lovely brother…

it´s so amazing to see how much love and gratefulness a child can spread without saying a word.. Caius family- they are one of the happiest people i´ve ever met,
shining and so proud of their boy.
two days ago, Caius died in the arms of his daddy, at home, close to his family…
this little, wonderful boy showed so many people the meaning of just pureness in being…

..wonder… magic ..combined in one simple word.. LOVE .

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