today it´s the last (sunny morning!!!) , the last morning of this crazy year 2011..
actually it should be damn cold winter right now, with snow and icicles..
but what a crazy world and what a crazy word this is: actually..

actually we are aware that this sunny days are results of the changing climate, and everything is about to change so much in the future..! actually: everything..!
this fact should remind us that we are all able to build up our “now”..and that we have to fight for the planet, the future..! HOW we are doing this, it´s up to us, up to me,
up to ONLY YOU…

i found this white written letters on the street..! it really touched me… ! everybody is responsible for his or her own life, luck or bad luck..
ONLY YOU can change the way of living your life, because you are the only one who excactly knows your own feelings.. and what is best for you..!
trust.. ! this is the word.. do it! and with every breath be grateful to the planet that it is managing to have enough air for you.. still!!!!

i don´t know why i cannot really share this party mood on days like x mas or new years day..! maybe because i hate expectations..!
but i love life..


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  1. So wunderschöne Worte, wie auch wunderschöne Bilder …

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