big bang

actually i don´t like it to post personally posts on this page.. but.. this experience was so special that i just have to share it with anyone who may visit this page..

last friday, everyone knows, take that performed in hamburg… round about 60.000 people visited the imtech arena to share this 2,5 hours with the guys, who started their boygroup career almost 20 years ago..and this was so crazy this evening.. women who have been teenager girls those days have become real women, many of them got their own family now- and in the 90´s nobody of them could think about anything else then building up a family with mark, robbie, jason, howard or gary. ladies older than 30 were sleeping in front of the arena to get a place in the first row.. just crazy like when we were young..that was the message most of the people in the audience were sharing this evening.. everybody was dancing, screaming, even crying..

me, also. because i´m so grateful to the guys. without the experience of being in love with take that, i would have never found the meaning of photography in my life. i would never have met my best friend johanna bartelt and the wonderful jessica bunk. johanna and me haven´t seen jessi for almost 15 years- this is half our life isn´t that crazy?? but when your heart was once throbbing for one and the same thing time has no meaning.. we had fun and we were dancing like when we were 12 or 14 or 16 years old.. the only thing that was different was that we decided not to join the front row like those days ..we decided to join the last row where there was enough place to dance and feel free to go crazy..

thank you so much guys haha i´m sure you will read it and josee and jessy..! what can i say?? vvvvvbffaeae!! i love u!

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