felix magath

have you ever felt hurt when somebody told you what to do?? did you ever feel angry when somebody treated you in a way that felt hard and stony?

sometimes, if somebody does that, it´s not to put you down or make you hide.. felix magath is a person, who makes you grow big (if you admit it and understand his language!)..who is teaching you to get to your limits so you don´t have to fear them no more.. this is not an emty slogan that came to my mind.. it´s his behaviour, his special view he is willing to share with other people..and the deep impression he left in people he worked with.. since felix magath left the vfl wolfsburg football club after they became german champion in 2009, you could ask any player who worked with felix magath: “who paved your way for football most?” the answer of any player was: FELIX MAGATH. it wasn´t even an idea that felix magath would return to the vfl, but you could hear the fans scream out for him! where felix magath goes he is leaving energy, veracity and spirit..

nobody knows where the vfl wolfburg will be placed in the end of this season.. but one thing was brought back to wolfsburg through this guy: TRUST!!!!


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