Juni, 2011

Jun 11

everything changes

Jun 11

mad for madness: caracho

i finally hold it in my hands.. the new album of the crazy nordish guys: caracho!

the album is actually out since january, but i had to wait until last weekend to meet up with ivo to get it personally..

it´s the right one for my summer-car-rides. if you are crazy enough: caracho!

Jun 11

ingo brosch

in may, we were shooting for audi bank in berlin. we stayed in the weinmeister hotel , a very comfortable place. the rooms are decorated with one large photo of a person/ actor/ musician , very special and unique.

our male model, ingo brosch, has been watched by someone he knows quite well: himself :-)

the amazing picture on the wall was taken by henrik pfeifer.

Jun 11

Saint Noir

it was a wonderful morning, we had breakfast, tom jolie and friends and me on the balkony.. we were talking about the new fashion label “saint noir” tom is starting a friend at the moment.. we became so curious to see the shirts that our little beakfast crew just started to shoot… YEHHHHHHH! saint noir.. !

Jun 11

audi bkk

Jun 11


Jun 11

the pussies – celine & regula

yesterday we met on the “beach”..in uttwil, a little, special place at the bodensee in switzerland… there is so much to come..those two ladies will rock their morning show on toxic.fm in autumn .. we are planning a fashion shooting in germany, so we actually just wanted to meet up and talk about the facts!

so this is what turned out of this meeting..oh i´m looking forward to your visit..girls.. ! LOVE!!