Mai, 2011

Mai 11


depth in the eyes of a believing man.. truth in the words of somebody who is transmitting a message from god.. a concentrated view in the direction of his way: forward..

meeting grafite means to enter another´s like a journey, no kind of faked atmosphere or sketchy moments.. me, personally- i was fulfilled with respect and admiration..

grafite knows where he comes from and he knows where he wants to go.. he knows that life can not always be “champions league”.. – suffering and fighting should be accepted as something to strengthen you..

it was not taking a picture of somebody who is clapping his hands for a shooting.. it was a chance to join a moment when somebody is connected with god..!

Mai 11


my life feels like this..

and i don´t really know which way to choose..

something inside is screaming..

and the sun and the flowers seem so very far away..

then there is for so sure a person who tells me to take a break..

who cooks tea for me..

who is walking next to me sharing this endless love

who throws away all the barriers and boarders..

and makes my eyes look up again..

you are so close..always..

not only in the dark though.. you are my best friend because you love to share joy:  yours and mine.. ! i LOVE you!